TOP 10 Reasons Why Companies Exhibit

Introduction: Here is a comprehensive guide on the TOP 10 reasons why companies might exhibit at an exhibition. As a salesperson, it is vital to be able to identify which of these are attracting a buyer to be involved with your show. Once you have ascertained their priorities, you can sell the benefits of involvement [...]

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TOP 10 Sponsorship Sales Interview Questions

TOP 10 Sponsorship Sales Interview Questions As an interviewer, it is essential to assess the competency and achievements of a candidate in the role of a sponsorship salesperson. To do this effectively, it is important to ask the right questions. The following are some examples of questions you can use to evaluate a candidate’s skills [...]

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Top 10 Competency Based Questions

Competency-based questions are a type of interview question that is commonly used by hiring managers and recruiters to assess a candidate's skills, knowledge, and experience. These questions are designed to probe deeper into a candidate's background and abilities and to help the interviewer gain a better understanding of the candidate's suitability for the job. Competency-based [...]

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How to Write a Powerful CV – for the events or media sector

Guidance for Writing a Powerful CV.  Media Steps Consulting was launched in 2011. We aim to provide an excellent experience for our candidates and clients. We have an efficient consultative approach which enables us to get to the bottom of a candidate's requirements and motivations. Media Steps are included on several Preferred Supplier Lists with [...]

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Have you turned into a plodder?

 3 minute read I was out running this morning, which took me far too long to decide if I was actually going to go. But once I got my trainers on and stepped outside, I was instantly happy I made the effort! I started running my regular 5-mile route, which I use as a benchmark [...]

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Four Considerations to Think About Whilst Conducting Virtual Interviews

A Four Minute Read  During the COVID period, it has been interesting to observe the move towards a 100% virtual interview process. Now is an excellent time to reflect and see if they are working for your business/candidates and whether they will replace physical interviews longer term. The benefit of a virtual interview process is [...]

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Ten key areas to focus on to develop a strong Candidate Proposition

So, you have sign-off for your next hire and are at the start of your recruitment journey. What steps are you currently taking to make sure your next employee is fully aware of your organisation and what the role entails day-to-day. With the constantly evolving recruitment landscape trying to hire the best people is becoming [...]

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