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I was out running this morning, which took me far too long to decide if I was actually going to go. But once I got my trainers on and stepped outside, I was instantly happy I made the effort!

I started running my regular 5-mile route, which I use as a benchmark of progress. I’ve recently returned to running, after 2 months of being ‘injured’ tripping up on a few uneven pavements. It has taken me time to build up confidence and get back to a decent pace, but this morning I really put some effort in and took off 2 minutes and 47 seconds from the same run a few days ago.

I could have continued at that nice comfortable pace and not pushed it but the inner competitor in me really came out this morning. My focus was on how much better I would feel at the end if I could get back to a similar pace, like I was achieving pre accidents.

So why am I highlighting this? Well, it got me thinking as to have people started to plod along in their careers.  It has been a really difficult time, especially for the events industry. With so much stress of redundancies, moving events, pivoting events into digital, we have all been focused on just trying to stay afloat.

Many candidates I’m talking to seem to have become risk-averse, they are happy in their current role, working in flexible ways, some avoiding going back into the office, but is this making them less dynamic, less hungry, less competitive? It’s really easy to go with the flow and do what you know and not push yourself, but will that really develop you, will you gain a promotion or a pay rise?

The great news is that events are back and from the feedback I’m getting from clients is that their; shows are going exceptionally well and their customers are loving being back face to face making opportunities real. Media Steps are currently working with the most dynamic event and B2B media companies in the market.

If you push yourself now like I did this morning, who knows what you could achieve in your career.  Please don’t become a plodder, it’s time to get moving and look at new opportunities.  A new challenge will freshen you up, push you further and by the end of it, you’ll be so glad you made a move, just like I did this morning.

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