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TOP 10 Sponsorship Sales Interview Questions

TOP 10 Sponsorship Sales Interview Questions As an interviewer, it is essential to assess the competency and achievements of a candidate in the role of a sponsorship salesperson. To do this effectively, it is important to ask the right questions. The following are some examples of questions you can use to evaluate a candidate’s skills and determine if they are a good fit for your organisation: Successful Campaigns: Ask the candidate to provide examples of successful sponsorship campaigns they have led in the past. This will give you an understanding of their experience and the impact they have had on previous organisations. Identifying New Opportunities: The candidate should be able to articulate how they approach identifying and securing new sponsorship opportunities. This will provide insight [...]

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Top 10 Competency Based Questions

Competency-based questions are a type of interview question that is commonly used by hiring managers and recruiters to assess a candidate's skills, knowledge, and experience. These questions are designed to probe deeper into a candidate's background and abilities and to help the interviewer gain a better understanding of the candidate's suitability for the job. Competency-based questions are often open-ended, which allows the candidate to provide a detailed response and demonstrate their expertise. This type of question is different from traditional interview questions, which tend to be more straightforward and focused on the candidate's education and work history. Here are the top 10 competency questions that can be asked in an interview, along with what they are looking to identify: 1.Can you tell me about a [...]

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How to Write a Powerful CV – for the events or media sector

Guidance for Writing a Powerful CV.  Media Steps Consulting was launched in 2011. We aim to provide an excellent experience for our candidates and clients. We have an efficient consultative approach which enables us to get to the bottom of a candidate's requirements and motivations. Media Steps are included on several Preferred Supplier Lists with top event/media organisations. We often source candidates for roles that are not available in the public domain. This CV guide aims to help you focus on the most critical areas of your CV. By considering these pointers, future employers will have a clearer understanding of whether you have the right skills and experience to be considered for their roles. Once you have completed your CV rewrite, please send to us [...]

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Do you dream of running your own B2B exhibition?

Do you dream of running your own B2B exhibition? Is this you? Have you got an idea for a B2B exhibition, where you have seen a gap in the market within the UK or globally? Are you a key part of a community and could set up a viable exhibition event? Work for a trade association which holds exhibitions but you are being limited by what you can do commercially? Cannot start your dream exhibition as you are unable to find a backer? Work for a large company but feel frustrated due to the internal politics and processes to get things changed? Have suggested significant changes to an event but are unable to get it backed internally? Want to grow an event series around the [...]

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