So, you have sign-off for your next hire and are at the start of your recruitment journey. What steps are you currently taking to make sure your next employee is fully aware of your organisation and what the role entails day-to-day.

With the constantly evolving recruitment landscape trying to hire the best people is becoming a complicated business. The information available to any candidate on a business is massive. They can quickly find information on how long people stay in your business, who’s currently employed and look at Glassdoor and see any disgruntled people’s viewpoint!

To stand out from the crowd a few steps can be taken to ensure you elevate your role compared to others in the market.

Now a job spec might be a good starting point and all candidates like to see them, but you need to ensure more detail is included, by being transparent and clear about your requirements people can get a better feeling for if the role is for them. Of course you may wish to delay disclosing some sensitive company information till the later stages of the process.

The major bonus of doing this it will enable you to get to the bottom of what you need and how this new person will fit into your business.

Areas to cover

1 Overview of the company

Start with an overview of the company, a snapshot of what the business is and what you supply to the market, including any history and ensuring you highlight your place in the market and how you are funded.

2 Culture

Next, describe the culture of the company, check out this post to give you some inspiration: Click Here. Is there remote working available or flexible starting and finishing hours?

3 Awards

Has your business been recognised in your industry or have current employees won any awards that you can highlight to show how you grow and develop your people?

4 A day in the life of…..

Be clear on day-to-day activities, including how much time people are expected to assign to their day-to-day tasks. Include any internal KPI’s that are used across the business. How much time will be spent sourcing new business, dealing with existing companies, how much marketing is completed and how many leads do they generate, what level of databases do you have and where are they expected to find new prospects?

5 Commission plans

These need to be clear and explainable to the candidate. Work backwards thinking about the revenue a staff member would be expected to generate then look at how you can reward them, I would say that a percentage of every deal along with a bonus or higher a percentage once certain revenue milestones are hit work best. Try and keep it uncapped so that salespeople will be highly motivated to overachieve. Outline how often they will receive commission and if it depends on the customer paying etc. Show previous years targets, were they achieved? What is expected to be achieved in this current year and justify why.

6 Investing in employees

How do you go about investing in employees, do they have access to internal training, external courses, professional recognised exams, is there an internal mentoring scheme?

7 Benefits

What benefits are available at your company?

Holiday entitlement, pension type, cycle to work schemes, season ticket loans, share schemes, charity days, childcare vouchers, retail discount schemes, private medical, long service awards, special incentives, annual company events.

8 Organogram

Think about including an organogram so that people can see the potential career path within a business. This is one of the top reasons why people are looking for a new role. If you have any examples of how current staff have progressed or any case studies these would be a great tool to use to show how your business operates.

9 Deck of products

Include a summary and links to all the products people will be working across

10 Videos

Finally, if you have the budget and resource why not bring the role to life, show prospective candidates what the atmosphere of the company is, views of the office and include any internal company events plus showcase any events you hold or attend. Include any interviews held with senior business partners and include their vision for the business.

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