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Do you dream of running your own B2B exhibition?

Do you dream of running your own B2B exhibition? Is this you? Have you got an idea for a B2B exhibition, where you have seen a gap in the market within the UK or globally? Are you a key part of a community and could set up a viable exhibition event? Work for a trade association which holds exhibitions but you are being limited by what you can do commercially? Cannot start your dream exhibition as you are unable to find a backer? Work for a large company but feel frustrated due to the internal politics and processes to get things changed? Have suggested significant changes to an event but are unable to get it backed internally? Want to grow an event series around the [...]

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Have you turned into a plodder?

 3 minute read I was out running this morning, which took me far too long to decide if I was actually going to go. But once I got my trainers on and stepped outside, I was instantly happy I made the effort! I started running my regular 5-mile route, which I use as a benchmark of progress. I've recently returned to running, after 2 months of being ‘injured’ tripping up on a few uneven pavements. It has taken me time to build up confidence and get back to a decent pace, but this morning I really put some effort in and took off 2 minutes and 47 seconds from the same run a few days ago. I could have continued at that nice comfortable pace [...]

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Four Considerations to Think About Whilst Conducting Virtual Interviews

A Four Minute Read  During the COVID period, it has been interesting to observe the move towards a 100% virtual interview process. Now is an excellent time to reflect and see if they are working for your business/candidates and whether they will replace physical interviews longer term. The benefit of a virtual interview process is that it can save time, particularly for candidates and speed up employers' hiring process. But there are many elements candidates and clients miss out on. These elements give both parties valuable insights into the candidate or employers business but are missing in a virtual setting. One - More Issues to Deal With Let us start by considering how a candidate might feel, building up to the interview. Historically their primary [...]

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Ten key areas to focus on to develop a strong Candidate Proposition

So, you have sign-off for your next hire and are at the start of your recruitment journey. What steps are you currently taking to make sure your next employee is fully aware of your organisation and what the role entails day-to-day. With the constantly evolving recruitment landscape trying to hire the best people is becoming a complicated business. The information available to any candidate on a business is massive. They can quickly find information on how long people stay in your business, who's currently employed and look at Glassdoor and see any disgruntled people’s viewpoint! To stand out from the crowd a few steps can be taken to ensure you elevate your role compared to others in the market. Now a job spec might be [...]

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