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Media Steps Consulting established in 2011; our aim is to provide an excellent experience for our clients and candidates. We have a highly consultative approach and get to the bottom of a client’s requirements. Media Steps are included on several Preferred Supplier Lists with top event/media organisations, from large FTSE 100 companies to smaller growing independents.

We interview people to ensure they have the right drive, ability and skill set to match your requirements. Above all, we believe that quality is much more important than quantity. There is little point in clients spending days interviewing multiple candidates when we should be able to supply great candidates who fit the brief. (You are not paying us to fill your inbox with irrelevant CV’s!).

Having worked on all sides of the recruitment process and been clients ourselves, below are the key points Media Steps has identified that are most important to clients in the recruitment process. Finally, there is an outline of what we need from yourselves and a link to client testimonials to validate our approach.

Client Visit

To maximise the effectiveness of a recruitment campaign, we visit all of our client’s offices. This visit enables us to gain an understanding of the company culture, further insight into the people interviewing, what you are looking for and how you would like the process to run.

Face to face interviews with all candidates

Candidates are initially assessed via a telephone interview if Media Steps feel they have the correct drive and motivation we will take time to meet them face to face and evaluate them further. We are fully committed to providing the highest service available, never cut corners and would not be comfortable submitting candidates that we had not met ourselves. We will clearly explain the culture and role to prospective candidates and confirm they are committed to a role with your company.

Candidate Summary

Post the face to face interview, we will produce a Candidate Summary sheet to accompany the CV. This information (outlined below) gives employers a valuable snapshot of a candidate’s current situation.

  • Current job title
  • Role applying for
  • Current Employer
  • Previous salary
  • Expected salary
  • Home location
  • Notice period
  • Revenue generated/budget controlled
  • Biggest achievement
  • Solutions they have sold or marketed/produced
  • The market sectors they have covered
  • Media Steps Consultants notes
  • Reason for leaving


Your Media Steps consultant will be in contact over the recruitment campaign to discuss how it is progressing. We will talk about our strategy of sourcing people, feedback from candidates in the market, candidates we are looking to meet soon and generally keep you informed of what we are doing to solve your recruitment problem.

Client Response

Your Media Steps consultant will be available when you call, should your consultant be unavailable we will aim to ring you back within two hours. Consultants will also be available out of hours to:-provide feedback, sort issues, make offers etc.

Candidate feedback

Candidates are instructed to call us immediately after an interview to give an overview of their thoughts. We will establish how they feel they have performed, any concerns, how it ranks against other roles they are considering, whether they are keen to progress and gain some outline interview availability for the next stage.

How we do it

Media Steps have a significant pool of talent available. From our internal databases through to our large LinkedIn networks. We regularly post new opportunities on LinkedIn, attracting many passive candidates whose interest we have spiked (6000 connections and growing).

Media Steps have mapped out the companies within the events/media landscape and actively headhunt candidates from the sector.

We also advertise roles on LinkedIn, plus the largest job board in the UK. We also receive a significant number of referrals from our placements/contacts.

Our Stats

The majority of our placements have been made by only submitting 1 or 2 candidates to the client.

97% of all placements have been in their role past the end of the rebate period).

What we require from our clients:

  • Availability – Time for us to come and visit you in the initial stages of working together.
  • Job specs – It is imperative that you supply us with a job specification for the role. Candidates are keen to see what is expected of them and have something to highlight their experiences against.
  • Extra Information – In a highly competitive market for talent we would also recommend supplying details of all benefits available, how commission structures work, internal KPI’s plus any company overview and plans for the future. See our Blog on 10 Key areas to focus on for your candidate proposition.
  • Interview feedback -It is essential for us to get good quality information about how a candidate performed in the interview as this will enable us to gain further insight into the type of person that will best fit the role.

Further Information:

Click here to check out our Client Testimonials

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Why not request our two-tier pricing options? We recognise that each business has different requirements and offer different terms and conditions to match your needs.